White and Yellow Gold Lovebirds Custom Wedding Band

Photo of Lovebirds wedding band in white and yellow gold

Lovebirds wedding band in white and yellow gold

A Lovebirds Custom Wedding Band has been exceptionally fun for Walker Goldsmiths to create for a customer. I carved the middle band in wax and we cast it using the traditional lost wax technique.  Here are two pictures of the Lovebirds Ring that we just finished and delivered to a friend to represent the love he has for his lady. The center cast band is 14kt White Gold with an Eagle and a Raven on either side of an 18kt Gold Sun. The side bands are each 18kt Yellow Gold. The whole width of the band is 10 mm.

“Among the Tlingit and Haida peoples of Alaska there are only two moieties, the Ravens and the Eagles. The gift often given was a silver or gold bracelet, hand-carved with the symbol of both moieties, the Eagle and the Raven, hence Love Birds. This custom is very much alive and flourishing on the North West Coast and is the most frequently requested design Owen carves.  We often use the word clan rather that moiety, but the correct term is moiety. When a man meets a woman he is interested in, the first question asked is usually “Are you Raven or Eagle? If both are Eagles or Ravens they are as brother and sister, and the relationship dies right there, but if one is Raven and one Eagle sparks may fly!”  Owen Walker wrote this for his Lovebirds Bracelet, it applies for a ring as well and we think it’s a great idea.

Photo of two color Gold Lovebirds wedding band

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  1. Brian Borsheim says:

    This is awesome. Exactly what I am looking for. For my wife and myself. We are Aboriginal from Saskatchewan, Canada. I am Seaulteax/Cree and my wife is Dakota. We both love the Haida and Tlinget cultures and all of their wonderful art and cultural expressions. How much would a pair of rings similar to the two above rings cost?

    I have been searching for something unique and bonding that would set us aside as a couple. Could you please email me back with an estimate??

    Thank you

    Brian Borsheim

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Sent Owen an email regarding my interest in getting yellow gold love birds wedding bands to renew our vows for my wife’s and my 50th wedding anniversary.

    Winston Smith

  3. Raymond Greenhalgh says:

    I am very interested in a pair of these love bird bands.
    I am Tlingit of the Raven
    My wife is Tlingit of the Eagle, and also Yakama.
    We wanted to Marry with this exact style of rings, but got a regular wedding set for her instead, which she lost..

    If I can please get a correspondence back I would greatly appreciate it.
    As we have been going through a rough spot and I feel that If I came through with something like this she would know just how deep my love is for her.
    Thank you.
    Raymond and Julia Greenhalgh

  4. Kristine Tansy says:

    Very interested in having a lovebird ring made for my husband. Love this white and yellow gold ring! Beautiful work!

  5. Deborah Carlson says:

    Hello Janet,

    Can we please speak about getting a pair of bands done for mine and my husband’s 10th anniversary. He is Haida from Sitka, AK and would love to surprise him with these. Thanks so much, Deborah

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