A Custom Infinity Pendant from Recycled Family Jewelry

Recycled family jewelry in Infinity white gold pendant with diamonds

Custom White Gold Infinity Pendant with Marquis Diamonds

When Shanon and Matt came to visit family Shanon brought her wedding rings that Matt had given her. Since Walker Goldsmiths is part of her family (!) we enjoyed their visit and got to talking about jewelry, of course. Shanon wanted to recycle her rings into another design. See our post about Shanon’s Custom Art Deco Wedding Ring”.  After designing her NEW ring, there were those 3 lonely diamonds leftover from the Re-do.  No fun having extra diamonds sitting around in a drawer, let’s design a pendant!  We studied that and talked about it and a design came up that she liked. Her decision was to have a pendant made using those diamonds and any leftover gold from the ring re-do.

After working together and designing a sweet pendant that is sort of an infinity/teardrop I went to work carving a wax. The process would be lost wax casting in 14kt white gold with the 3 leftover Marquise diamonds set in white gold crowns and attached delicately inside the design. Owen Walker worked his magic engraving on the pendant a texture pattern that simulates melee diamonds all around the infinity design. Walker Goldsmiths have used this technique before on other custom jewelry creations and it’s very nice. It adds a bit more flash without the added expense of melee diamonds and setting them. We think it is a successful option, especially since the melee diamond trend is so fashionable these days.

Thanks again, Shanon and Matt, for the fun making this Custom Infinity Pendant from Recycled Family Jewelry!


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