Custom Surfer Rings to Celebrate the Summer Surfing Season

Photo of two surfer rings with cabachon stones

Two Surfer Rings


We’ve had fantastic weather here in the Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington state this summer, home of Walker Goldsmiths. At last count it was over 40 days with minimal precipitation and the surfers are heading to the beach in droves. Some surfers have contacted us wanting to talk about Custom Surfer Rings to celebrate their good times. Jewelry is a reflection of our personalities and Surfers are fun wave seeking folks wanting jewelry that reflects the sport they love. We like to accommodate anything to do with jewelry and the sea!

These sterling silver Custom Surfer Rings have a simple stylized wave pattern running all around to crash together at the center bezel set cabochon stones. One stone is a beautiful Star Sapphire and the other is an unusual Cat’s Eye Tourmaline. The rings are both comfort fit inside these 8mm wide bands which means these are comfortable rings.  Janet carved these in wax and then Owen lost wax cast them in Sterling Silver and set the stones.  These rings are actually Wedding Rings for these dedicated surfers! Walker Goldsmiths would very much enjoy making a Custom Surfer Ring with you! Check out this page for more pictures of Surfer Rings.




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