Custom Thor’s Hammer and Raven Ring

Custom Raven and Thor's Hammer Ring

Custom Raven and Thor’s Hammer Sterling Ring

Custom Sterling Silver Ring with Raven and Thor's Hammer

Custom Thor’s Hammer with “Kumi” Sterling Ring

Raven and Thor's Hammer Sterling Silver Ring

Raven and Thor’s Hammer Sterling Ring

Custom Thor’s Hammer and Raven Ring is a result of a previous post about “Krumi”, old Norse for Raven on this Walker Goldsmiths website. The Hammer of Thor is a powerful symbol in Old Norse mythology. Our daughter, Nalani, has a half-sister, Leilani, who’s married to a Norse fellow who subscribes to the old Norse pagan ways and is always looking for Thor’s hammer jewelry.  Leilani got in contact with me and asked about a Raven with Thor’s Hammer design on a band, something more for a guy to wear.  I played around with the idea and came up with this design.  I love the 3-D Raven, the Thor’s Hammer with Celtic symbols and a Triskelion on the side.  My heritage is intensely Viking and I’m interested in the myths and history of my ancestors.  I carved a wax pattern and Owen lost wax cast it in Sterling Silver.

Thor is a major Norse God associated with thunder and his hammer is one of the most fearsome of weapons known to level mountains.  The cherished old myths tell of dwarf brothers making this short handled hammer.

Historian Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson provides an excellent summary of the uses of the hammer:  “It would seem indeed as though the power of the thunder god, symbolized by his hammer, extended over all that had to do with the well-being of the community. It covered birth, marriage, and death, burial, and cremation ceremonies, weapons and feasting, travelling, land-taking, and the making of oaths between men. The famous weapon of Thor was not only the symbol of the destructive power of the storm, and of fire from heaven, but also a protection against the forces of evil and violence. Without it Asgard could no longer be guarded against the giants, and men relied on it also to give security and to support the rule of law.

This is fun stuff for me and, thank you, Leilani, for encouraging me to pursue this design.  It’s given me reason to research.  Owen and I recently had our DNA tested to find out our heritage and I had a good idea I had Viking ancestors because of my Scottish Gunn Clan grandmothers.  The Gunns were originally Vikings who conquered and invaded the northernmost point of Scotland.  So sure enough, there was the DNA evidence of my Viking heritage.

This Raven and Thor’s Hammer Sterling Silver Ring is 10mm wide on top, tapering to a custom 5mm wide squared shank that creates balance and comfort to wear.  I’m selling this Sterling Silver ring for $175 US for sizes 6 to 14, over that it’s $195 US.  S & H in the USA is free.  We will certainly make this ring in yellow, white or red gold upon request.  Email me for price.

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  1. Janet: Interesting as My Mother’s maiden name was Gunn and she had reddish hair. My Dad’s name comes form England as well, so there are many connections to Vikings short of an actual blood test.
    Since I am former law enforcement, I happen to see a man who looked like my Grand Father and HE was from Holland-Denmark.(Home of many Vikings)
    I am 6’3″ tall and had some reddish brown hair before I got older. Now it is white as is my facial hair and beard. The Vikings used to have reddish hair used to dye their Hair Blonde or white as it was attractive to them.
    I am also a researcher and I collect Silver Thor’s Hammer(replicas of the Hedeby Thor’s Hammer which is over 1,000 years old)
    Can you put me in touch with that lady as we may be distant cousins or something? Email me at: [email protected];com

    • Janet Walker says:

      Hello, John, Thanks for the comments. The best idea is for you to Google her name; Hilda Roderick Ellis Davidson, and you’ll find all kinds of stuff and possibly a source to contact her. Cheers, and Happy New Year! Janet

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