Precious Memories of Loving Parents in a Custom Hawk and Bear Ring


Photo of 14kt Gold Custom Hawk and Bear Story Ring

14kt Gold Custom Hawk and Bear Story Ring

We’ve been very privileged at Walker Goldsmiths to make a Custom Hawk and Bear “Story Ring” for a lovely woman, which means that we’ve had some sweet moments doing this lost wax cast custom ring for her. We can even call it a custom “Memorial Ring” because it focuses on the character and spirits of her parents who have both graduated to glory.
Caitlin found our ring pages on this website and contacted us about making a special custom Hawk and Bear ring for her. We love a challenge so jumped right on creating a lost wax cast Hawk and Bear ring in 14kt yellow gold for her.
I always like to find out why someone chooses a specific design, what the story is behind their choice because it helps me do a better job for them. Caitlin gave us a beautiful glimpse into her life and the love in their family.

“My mother was an extremely elegant woman. She grew up in a house without electricity and running water. My mom used her guts and brains to graduate from high school, college, and graduate school.  She raised six kids and each of us knew that no matter what happened she had our back. My mother loved hawks and could spot one at a mile. Now when I see a hawk, I blow it a kiss because I know it is my mom saying she still has my back.

My dad also grew up very poor. He began working on the railroad (illegally) at age 12. My dad was amazingly smart and he too used his brains and guts to graduate from the US Naval Academy and law school. The story of my dad and a bear began at the Naval Academy. He responded to a question rather colorfully and from that point on he was called Bear. He was so smart and strong and yet he was so kind.

I lived with my parents and nursed them through their life ending illnesses. My mom died of ovarian cancer and my dad died of complications of a stroke. I think of my parents every day and as time passes their absence is not getting any easier. I wanted something to symbolize my parents. I saw your ring and thought it is the perfect symbol and reminder of my parents.”     

    Thank you, Caitlin, Walker Goldsmiths have enjoyed doing this Custom Hawk and Bear Ring for you.  We found it awesome to learn of the love and inspiration that your folks left for their daughter and your respect for them and their efforts to show their love to their family.  There are lessons here for us…

Photo of Hawk and Bear Custom Story Ring in 14kt Gold

Hawk and Bear Custom Story Ring in 14kt Gold.

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  1. Linda McIntosh says:

    It’s beautiful!

    • Janet Walker says:

      Thanks, Linda, it was a lot of fun too. A sweet story for sure! Rare to see someone have so much love and appreciation for their parents, huh?

  2. jackie lauth says:

    Can you make Haida Eagle Frog wedding bands?

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