Hand Carved Sterling Transforming Raven Bracelet

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Bracelet Transforming Raven D11 by Owen Walker

Transforming Raven Bracelet, Design #11, is Hand Carved in Sterling Silver by Owen Walker of Walker Goldsmiths.  Every Indian tribe on the Northwest Coast tells the story of Raven Stealing the Light from the Grandfather Creator. This Transforming Raven Bracelet shows Raven with both bird and human parts.  He is […] Read more »

Hand Carved Sterling Lovebirds Bracelet

Photo of Hand Carved Sterling Silver Lovebirds Bracelet D3# with Abalone Inlaid Eyes by Owen Walker

This Design #3, Lovebirds Bracelet With Abalone Inlay, hand carved by Owen Walker at Walker Goldsmiths is beautiful with or without Abalone Inlay in the eyes.  Owen also can also weld red gold into the eyes that is a very striking look. In the 18th century when the Native Cultures […] Read more »

The Octopus Story told in a hand carved sterling silver bracelet by Owen Walker

photo of Hand carved Sterling Silver profile Octopus bracelet

         This is a classic Haida story illustrated in a Hand Carved Sterling Silver Octopus Bracelet by Owen Walker that carries a message about how we humans are meant to interact with our fellow creatures here on the Earth.  In Chinook Jargon it would start “Hiyu lally ankutie” Which in […] Read more »

Hummingbirds are Messengers Between the Spirit World and the Physical World

Photo of 18K Hummingbird bracelet inlaid with abalone shell.

Hummingbirds are messengers between the spirit world and the physical world. When we see and hear these beautiful little creatures, we can feel joy in our souls and rejoice with them to the pure essence of life. These little masters of flight eat tiny bugs and flower nectar. What a […] Read more »