Owen in his relm-carving

Owen In His Realm Carving

It’s 9:00 at the Walker Goldsmiths Studio and there’s incredible ZZ Top, LenneRockers and Wanda Jackson blasting out their tunes. Is this night or morning? What day is it? Rooster’s crowing and chicken politics makes a huge squabble as the neighbor’s cat wants some chasing fun. The compressor blasts off […] Read more »

New life for old family gold

Owen Walker

We at Walker Goldsmiths used to think “In the olden days” June used to be the traditional month for weddings. Since we’ve been in the wedding ring business for 30+ years we’ve seen folks use the gathering time of the winter holidays to get married since families get together then […] Read more »

Osprey T-Shirts & Rings

Osprey T-Shirts

We are very excited about our Osprey Line. We have always loved the Osprey and feel very honored to have been able to capture this majestic bird’s spirit in our new T-shirt line and cast Sterling Silver Osprey rings. Osprey Shirts $20 Size : SmallMediumLargeXlarge Osprey Ring Size : 891011121314 Read more »