Hand Carved Sterling Transforming Raven Bracelet

Photo of Walker Goldsmiths Hand Carved Sterling Bracelet Transforming Raven D11 by Owen Walker

Transforming Raven Bracelet, Design #11, is Hand Carved in Sterling Silver by Owen Walker of Walker Goldsmiths.  Every Indian tribe on the Northwest Coast tells the story of Raven Stealing the Light from the Grandfather Creator. This Transforming Raven Bracelet shows Raven with both bird and human parts.  He is […] Read more »

Cast Sterling Lovebirds Band Ring

Walker-Goldsmiths-Cast-Sterling-Lovebirds-Band Ring

Walker Goldsmiths lost wax cast Sterling Silver Lovebirds Ring band#308 celebrates the custom of the Northwest Coast Native Indians. By recognizing the two most important clans, the Ravens and the Eagles in a time honored tradition. “In the last century when the Native cultures of the Northwest Coast were flourishing […] Read more »

Lovebirds Wedding Rings at Walker Goldsmiths

Photo of Sterling Silver Lovebirds Wedding Bands

Sterling Silver Lovebirds Wedding Bands It seems that this year we’ve made more Sterling Silver Wedding Bands at Walker Goldsmiths than ever before.  Folks still want to get married even when they’re “challenged” for cash. Our Lovebirds Wedding Bands can provide what they’re looking for; Sterling Silver, heavy duty, durable, […] Read more »