A Beautiful Custom Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring

Taylor's Beautiful Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring

Taylor’s Beautiful Cathedral Style Diamond 14 kt Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

Creating a Beautiful Custom Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring for Taylor was a joy.

Walker Goldsmiths had seen Taylor come home from a mission, a grown up lovely young woman and then head off to College.  Next thing we knew she was home with her Sweetheart and knocking on our door to help them come up with a Wedding Ring.  We love it!  They had a pretty good idea of what they wanted and came with pictures off the internet and ideas they’d gotten shopping in Jewelry Stores.  Being old family friends we had to tell them the truth… no way were we going to make a thin and fragile ring that would cost them more money before they know it.  We have friendship and a reputation to hold up, so I got a pretty good idea of just what direction and design Taylor was looking for and started designing, then wax carving.  It took a couple of tries before we could communicate well and determine just what would work.  Owen lost wax cast it in 14 kt Yellow Gold and we set the Diamonds in Platinum crowns.

Taylor liked the Cathedral Style Diamond Wedding Ring.  It’s an interesting, classic and elegant design for a ring setting.  She wanted a 1/2 ct. center stone and a 1/4 ct. on each side of the center, equaling 1 full ct. total weight.  We created our signature square bottom shank for weight and durability to keep the ring well balanced on her finger.  It really turned out gorgeous for a beautiful young bride.  Walker Goldsmiths wishes  Jason and Taylor a wonderful joyous life together.

Cathedral Style Diamond Setting

Cathedral Style Diamond Setting

Recycled Jewelry with Old European Cut Diamonds makes a Beautiful Custom Wedding Ring

Red Gold and Old European Cut Diamonds in Custom Wedding Ring

14kt Red Gold and Old European Cut Diamonds in Custom Wedding Ring

Walker Goldsmiths received a message from a woman who wanted to recycle a pile of old jewelry to make a new Custom Wedding Ring.  We’ve known this lovely Alicia for years now and she’s a busy lady, but she’s managed to do some looking around to find what she likes and doesn’t like.  After messaging back and forth we came up with a way to make her what she wanted.  “I have a question for you about rings! I saw the incredible custom wedding set you did recently. That ring is gorgeous! It got me thinking about doing a custom ring with some stones and gold I have that are just sitting in my jewelry box. So… I was wondering how the process works? I have two rings that I saw that I really like. I’ve attached several photos.   ……….Because of the weight on top and the thin band, my current ring “hangs” down on my finger. It’s not well balanced which feels awkward on my finger. I just never wear it and it’s sad!”

We said, “Yah! Let’s do it!! No good sitting in the jewelry box! Thanks for appreciating the latest custom piece we did. The process would be to choose the design you like best that can fit the stones you have…maybe shoot me a picture of your jewelry and I can guide you. Also find out what size you are by going to a jewelry store and asking them to size you accurately. We do this kind of thing thru the mail/email all the time:)”

The process began… come to find out, Alicia had an old platinum ring that had 3 gorgeous Old European cut diamonds that she wanted to use.  We bought her metal and a few other diamonds and proceeded to make her a new ring. I love these antique diamonds and was very excited to create with them.  At first I thought they were Old Mine Cut Diamonds, but upon closer look saw that they were indeed truly round like Old Euro Cut Diamonds.  Old Miner Cuts are more squarish shape, but totally beautiful.  The Old European cut diamond or “Old Euro Cut” was the primary diamond shape wanted in the Art Deco Era, the era of style and modernity, 1910-30’s.  This Old Euro Cut has a high crown, small table, and a large, flat culet, the bottom tip of the diamond where all the facets come to a point. With 58 facets, it is the predecessor of today’s modern round brilliant cut.  The old European cut diamond has a round shape, a higher crown, and greater total depth than the modern round brilliant. This cut of diamond allows it’s own personality and subtle colors to shine plus the stones’ generally higher carat weight when compared to modern stones makes them more valuable, as does their antique rarity.  European cut diamonds are vintage gems with great character and distinction. These diamonds primarily originated in Brazil or India from the early 1700’s.

Old European Cut Stone Shape

Old European Cut Stone Shape

Alicia's Old European Diamonds set in Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring

Alicia’s Old European Diamonds set in Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring



Alicia knew what she had with these diamonds and wanted something with an Art Deco look.  She also is a beautiful redhead and the idea of a 14 kt Red Gold Custom Wedding Ring appealed to her.  Walker Goldsmiths was pleased and excited to create this ring.  Thank you, Alicia, it was very much fun to make this Art Deco Custom Wedding Ring for you.


Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Custom 14kt yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Custom 14 kt yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

Our good friend Anita had shown me her wedding ring and commented on how she was getting ready to have a Walker Goldsmiths redo into a custom ring, as her ring was wearing thin.  Owen and I were at dinner with friends and family in Anita and Pat’s beautiful new house built by Kota Construction.  We told her that we certainly could help her out and recycle her ring and any other metal she wants out of the way.  She later showed up at our Studio and we sat and talked designing her new ring.  Anita had brought with her a pile of old sterling and gold jewelry, including her old wedding ring, to trade in and recycle towards her new ring.  “Really, why have old jewelry that you never wear sitting around in the jewelry box or the dresser drawers?”   She was out of that old Sterling Silver big bracelet and bangles phase!

Anita is a Norwegian Northwest Girl and is very familiar with Lovebird’s Raven and Eagle; their stories and legends in not only her heritage but her everyday life here in the Northwest.  Deciding on our classic Lovebirds ring design she then determined that she wanted a fairly large Ruby for flash and fun.  And believe me, Anita knows how to have fun!  I got busy carving the Lovebirds wax to fit a beautiful filigree crown to accept a bezel set Ruby. She wanted a large ring but smooth on top without a prong set stone, so bezel set would work best.  Owen assayed all her jewelry that she wanted to recycle and ordered a gorgeous Ruby to set in the crown.  After lost wax casting the Lovebirds ring, polishing and finishing, the crown was soldered in just the right place between the Eagle and Raven birds.  The Ruby was set in the crown and her two diamonds from her original ring were set in the eyes of the birds. Anita’s diamonds and gold from her previous ring now had a home in her new Wedding Ring.

14 kt Lovebirds Ring with filigree crown

14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with filigree crown

We were very excited to present this finished Recycled Wedding Ring to Anita because it is so spectacular, just like Anita!  Thank you, Anita, for letting Walker Goldsmiths make this Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby for you.

Picture of A Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby

A Custom 14 kt Yellow Lovebirds Ring with Ruby


Trade Bead Bracelets

A Collection of Trade Bead Bracelets

A Collection of Trade Bead Bracelets

Walker Goldsmiths has made some Trade Bead Bracelets. We have an extensive collection of antique beads used during the Fur Trade Era in the Pacific Northwest, from Russian Siberia over to Alaska and down into all the North American Continent, that are beautiful and oozing with history.  These beads are not replicas but the real thing and we’re wanting to share the history and beauty.

Cobalt Blue Russians and Czech bead bracelet

Cobalt Blue Russians and Czech bead bracelet

Today’s offering of Trade Bead Bracelets primarily includes the famous Cobalt Blue Russians, circa 1800’s and earlier, and Cobalt Czech glass beads that I like to use for spacers and protector beads. Blue Russians were originally made in Bohemia by stretching a long tube of cobalt glass then breaking them into smaller pieces and then individually, by hand, beveling and cutting them into shape. And since you can’t bend a glass tube I have to put a round Czech bead in between each Blue Russian so the bracelet or necklace can take it’s shape.  Check out my Cobalt Blue Russian Bead Story here.  The first Trade Bead Bracelet I’m featuring is composed of only Blue Russians and the Czech Cobalt spacers with a Sterling Silver clasp.  These first 3 bracelets are all individually made and for sale for under $90 depending upon the length you need determined by your wrist measurement.

Cobalt Blue Russian and Chevron Trade Beads Bracelet

Cobalt Blue Russian and Chevron Trade Beads Bracelet

The 2nd Trade Bead Bracelet that I have for sale is Cobalt Blue Russians and 6 layer Chevrons.  Chevrons are a bead with a very interesting history and manufacturing technique originating in the same part of the world as the Blue Russians.  They came to be traded in the Americas over a different path than the Blue Russians.  They are very uniquely made by the arrangement of three or more colors in usually six layers of glass. Their history describes a trading path from Murano, Italy, south through Africa and over to the Americas.

Cobalt Blue Russians and Padre Trade Beads

Cobalt Blue Russians and Padre Trade Beads

This 3rd Trade Bead Bracelet is Cobalt Blue Russians and Padre Beads.  Padre Beads are a colorful opaque glass trade bead with a vibrant history too.  “They are round, satiny opaque glass beads, mandrel wound, originally made in Venice possibly in the mid 1400’s.”  Read more about their interesting history here on one of my posts on  Activeartist.net where Owen posted, “Ubiquitous is truly the right word as we have found that these beads were made everywhere … and traded to the furthermost corner of the world!”   There was such a demand in the world that it was a very lucrative business and Dutch Traders were masters at seafaring who started taking them everywhere they traded.  I hope you take the opportunity to read my post on activeartist.net for a deeper story about the paths of this bead.  Owen and I have a print of a painting made by Charles Russell of Sacajewea in 1805 with Lewis and Clark and the Corp of Discovery on the Columbia River.  She is standing in the canoe visibly offering Padre Trade Beads to trade with the Chinook Indians.  We love this print!

Trade Bead Bracelet of Blue Russians and Mastodon Ivory

Trade Bead Bracelet of Blue Russians and Mastodon Ivory

My 4th Trade Bead Bracelet is Cobalt Blue Russians and Fossil Mastodon Ivory Beads. I’ve used Cobalt Czech glass again as spacers. The Fossil Mastodon Ivory beads came from ancient tusks unearthed by erosion in Russian Siberia and could be more than 20,000 years old.  Fossil Mastodon Ivory  is so beautiful and can be found in so many gorgeous colors because of the minerals in which it’s buried and also because it’s so very old. “The density and integrity of the ivory is magnificent. Colorful, dense, fine grained, and reeking with history.”  See our other post about Mastodon Ivory.  It is so complimentary to Cobalt Blue Russians.  This Trade Bead Bracelet is for sale also and Walker Goldsmiths is asking $135 for it depending on length needed to fit your wrist.

Walker Goldsmiths think that anyone who appreciates history and beautiful interesting jewelry associated with history would love these Trade Bead Bracelets!  They all come with Sterling Silver clasps.

A Custom Red Gold Men’s Wedding Ring

Custom Men's Red Gold Wedding Ring with Fossil Walrus Ivory !nlay

Custom Men’s Red Gold Wedding Ring with Fossil Walrus Ivory Inlay

Walker Goldsmiths has had the privileged to work with Nathan to create his Custom Red Gold Wedding Ring. He came to us knowing what he wanted and we enjoyed doing just that.  We’ve known Nate for many years now as he works as an engineer on the boat, Steelhead, a Fish Buyer boat owned by a family friend.  Nathan was to marry Lindsie this summer so we were excited to make this ring for him as we had already made her a wedding ring.  See the story about that on another page here on Walker Goldsmiths.

Nathan brought a big chunk of a fossil Walrus Tusk that he had found washed out of the dune debris on a beach in Alaska one day when he’s had some free time for exploring.  It’s a beautiful wild place with much good beach combing to be done.  This chunk of tusk, though pretty beat up, did have some surface that we could cut a slice out to use in a ring.  Nate wanted a piece inlaid into 14 kt Red Gold and we thought it a very fun thing to do, plus the Red Gold would complement and enhance the natural fossil Ivory colors.

I made the wax of the ring with a slot to inlay.  Owen lost wax cast the ring using gorgeous 14 kt Red Gold, then sliced the tusk to the right width for the inlay.  He choose the outside primary dentine layer of ivory to use as the inlay. See the picture above to get a look at the two different layers of dentine in a cross section of a Walrus Tusk. The inside of a Walrus Tusk has a kind of very crystalline grainy core that is exceptionally hard and beautiful, but difficult to work with as it tends to chip out in the crystal shapes.  I did Scrimshaw years ago and I found that the core of the tusk is really impossible to carve on because of this hard crystalline center, so scrimshanders always choose to work on the outside layers of the tusk.  Owen inlaid the Custom Red Gold Men’s Wedding Ring with the tusk segment and it was gorgeous.  Thank you, Nate, for letting us make this beautiful ring for you, and congratulations to you and Lindsie on the occasion of your marriage.  Walker Goldsmiths is happy for you kids on your brave choice and positive attitude on this marriage adventure.

Custom 14kt Red Gold Men's Wedding Ring

Custom 14 kt Red Gold Men’s Wedding Ring

Nathan and Lindsie on their wedding day

Nathan and Lindsie on their Wedding Day

Kat’s Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring

Custom Arrow Diamond Ring

14kt Yellow Gold Custom Arrow Diamond Ring

Walker Goldsmiths was pleased to meet a gorgeous young woman who wanted a Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring.  That doesn’t mean an arrow shaped diamond, but it does mean a ring shaped like an arrow with a diamond on it.  What Fun!  Arrows are really her thing.  They’ve been a symbol of importance to her through some tough times and it was very important to continue using that symbol in a brand new adventure.  She’s a survivor of a previous bad marriage in her teen years and country music has been a sanity saver to help her get through that tough time.  One country music singer, Kasey Musgrave, sings “Follow your Arrow…wherever it points”, a song that has given her solace and strength.  So the symbol of arrows became a symbol of strength to Kat and thus the Arrow Custom Wedding Ring, much to my wax carving pleasure.

Kat met Dale on the internet and they struck up a lovely friendship that turned into a real fairy tale romance!  Once on a hiking date through a large wooded Northwest Washington Park they found a diamond anniversary band that had to have been tossed into the bushes.  Who knows what juju went with that ring, but Kat and Dale certainly changed that by recycling.  The ring was a 14kt yellow gold 6 diamond anniversary band.  What an astounding find!  Dale had already bought an engagement ring for Kat so they choose to use these diamonds from the “found band” to put into Custom Wedding Bands for each of them.

It was a fun adventure for me to carve a wax arrow that would wrap around her finger and snug up to her Engagement ring.   Owen lost wax cast it in 14kt Yellow Gold using the gold from the found band and other recycled gold of Kat’s, and then one of the diamonds was hammer set in the shaft of the “Arrow”.  Three of the diamonds were set diagonally into a men’s wedding band for Dale.  There were 2 more diamonds that Kat had us put in a special package for each of her two children for their later use.

Walker Goldsmiths has enjoyed making this Custom Arrow Diamond Wedding Ring for Kat and Dale very much and we’re pleased to have a couple of lovely new friends.  We wish them both all the sweetness and joy they deserve.







Custom Men’s Wedding Ring

Custom Sterling Silver Ring with Leaves and Branches

Sterling Ring Custom Carved Leaves and Branches

Walker Goldsmiths love to make Custom Wedding Rings!  Kris and Megan came to us for her Custom Engagement Ring and it was a pleasure to make.  She wanted only one ring to be used as an Engagement Ring and a Wedding Ring.  Megan had a definite idea about how it should look and was able to draw it out for me to carve in wax.  The end result was fabulous!  We communicated as I was able to guide her ideas into a ring that was durable, practical and beautiful.

Kris and Megan came back to us when it was time to make a Custom Wedding Ring for Kris.  He wanted a ring that went well with the ideas they originally had of symbols of the earth on their important jewelry.  So it was branches and leaves again, and the challenge for me was to carve a Custom Men’s Wedding Ring with these natural symbols.  I loved the challenge!  There would be no stone on Kris’ ring but the branches would be textured like bark with leaves with veins shaped and carved. Kris OK’d the wax carving and Owen lost wax cast it in Sterling Silver. The intention was to antique the Sterling Silver to enhance the natural look like Megan’s ring. Sterling takes on such a wonderful patina when oxidized and then the high points are polished creating depth and dimension.  I think Walker Goldsmiths accomplished the task of creating a beautiful Custom Leafy Men’s Wedding Ring for Kris and Megan.  Thank you again, Megan and Kris, for letting Walker Goldsmiths share in your excitement and happiness with these nature inspired Custom Wedding Rings!

Branches and the Sea Custom Engagement Ring

Branches and the Sea Custom Engagement Ring

Custom Gemstone Pendants

Katy's Blue Topaz in a Sterling Silver Custom Crown

Katy’s Blue Topaz in a Sterling Silver Custom Crown

Walker Goldsmiths often get asked if we can create a Custom Prong set Pendant so a stone can be worn by it’s owner.  Of course we can!  Sometimes folks get a stone when they’re traveling to S.America or on a cruise to the Caribbean and when they bring it home it just sits in the drawer awhile until they figure out they can ask us for help.  We can always help!  Here’s two examples of keepsake stones that we’ve set in fancy Sterling Silver crowns so that the stones are wearable and useful to their owners.  Sterling Silver is always reasonably priced and do-able so it’s no huge expense.  Now the stones are out of the drawer and around someones neck ready to tell the story of the adventure.  If you have a stone or some keepsake that is hiding away in a drawer give us a shout and let’s figure out a solution, maybe a Custom Gemstone Pendant will do the trick.  Maybe a birthday present or Christmas present can be made up to order by Walker Goldsmiths.  Email [email protected]

Sue's Herkimer Diamond in a Sterling Silver Custom Crown

Sue’s Herkimer Diamond in a Sterling Silver Custom Crown

Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Ring for a Sailor

Custom Nautical Braided Wedding Ring

Sterling Silver Custom Nautical Braided Wedding Ring

Walker Goldsmiths received an opportunity to make a Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Band for Weston and Anna.  I’ve always loved nautical braided ropes, macrame’, fancy braided applications on ships and anything to do with Sailor Knots, all too cool to me!  I did Macrame’ for years and had some interesting leather cord tucked away.  When Weston said, “I want a Nautical Braided ring that has no holes through it and it must have a solid inside”,  my mind went searching about to find a way to do just that.  So I braided up a length of the leather cord and taped it all together on the ends, wrapped it in a big circle and molded it in our wonderful clear mold product.  When it was all set up and cured I cut out the cord and Owen shot the mold full of wax for me.  I then made the circle to the right size and used melted wax to firm up the ring and create a comfort fit solid substantial ring for Weston.  We invested this wax and cast it in Sterling Silver and it turned out beautiful.  This ring is wonderful, comfortable, sturdy and attractive. It is sort of a Story Ring because Weston is a Sailor and knots have a big meaning to him in his chosen profession. Weston came out to try it on and loved it!

Weston and Anna were heading off to a great adventure that his profession was determining.  Weston had worked for the Coast and Geodetic Survey people and had just landed a job with NOAH in the Netherlands.  Very exciting.  They were getting married and packing up everything and moving there right away.  We had to scurry to get this done for Weston.  Anna was recycling some old gold and a diamond from a previous relationship and we bought her diamond and gold to pay for Weston’s ring.  This recycling of old unwanted jewelry was a big success because they needed every cent they could get to move to the Netherlands. Thank you, Anna and Weston, for including us in your adventure by letting Walker Goldsmiths create this Custom Nautical Braid Wedding Band .  We loved it and wish you two the very best dreams come true!

Weston's Sterling Braid Wedding Band

Weston’s Sterling Silver Braid Wedding Band

Mother’s Custom Memorial Red Gold Rose Ring

Red Gold Mother's Ring with diamonds

Red Gold Mother’s Ring with Diamonds

A Leafy design was what one of my best girlfriends wanted from Walker Goldsmiths for her Custom Memorial Red Gold Mother’s Ring. We said, “Of course, we’d love to do it!”

Ane’s mother’s original ring that she inherited was literally falling apart and her two daughters wanted to do something for their mom to preserve this heirloom ring.  She wanted a ring to celebrate her memory of her mother.  Roses were so precious to her mother and she had a wonderful green thumb with them.  Ane’ remembered being taught the names of all the roses in her mother’s garden;  the Hybrid Teas and the Grandifloras, the Double Delights and the Florabundas included names like Peace, Red Blaze and Ballerina, the wonderful old fashioned stalwarts of the Rose Garden. Ane’ is a Master Gardener who has inherited and earned this same Green Thumb.  She’s always been puttering about  since the day I met her creating exquisite gardens!  I am also a gardener who has a good handful of glorious Rose bushes.  This year, by the way, has been spectacular for Roses and gardening in general in our neck of the woods.  So to make this ring for Ane’ was totally a labor of love.

When Ane’s mom died while living at her sister’s home the grandchildren all decided that Ane’ should have The Rose Ring left by mom.  It was a ring with a rose shape and a light yellow Canary Diamond in the center and a cresent with some small birthstones.  It was made of white gold and so very worn out to be too thin and dangerous to wear.  Ane’ wanted to keep the general pattern of the original ring and I was to enhance the design.  This was to be a Memorial Ring, a Story Ring with memories of mom. We thought that 14kt Rose Gold would be so very appropriate, plus she loves Rose gold and has her wedding band in Rose Gold.  The only stone she wanted kept was the center Canary Diamond.

Diamonds and Red Gold Mother's Ring

Diamonds and Red Gold Mother’s Ring

I carved a wax, which Ane’ approved and Owen Walker lost wax cast it with his wonderful Rose Gold 14kt Alloy.  We set the original center Canary Diamond in a 14kt white gold crown in the middle of the large rose;  set 7 melee diamonds at the base of the rose in a bit of a swirl, with 1 melee diamond set in the small bud rose on the edge.  The band of the ring has leaves going down a ways on each side to the deep and substantial squared shank that works so well to keep any ring from flipping uncomfortably on a finger.  We were hurrying to get this for Ane’ as she and Bill were set to go to Hawaii for her son’s wedding and we wanted Grandmother’s presence with her. Mom’s Rose Ring lives again! Walker Goldsmiths thanks you, Ane’, for this fun family experience creating a custom recycle of your Mother’s Rose Ring.