Custom Sterling CTR Emblem Ring

Custom CTR Emblem Ring with side swirls

Walker Goldsmiths has often been asked to make Custom Emblem Rings. They’re fun to do primarily because they’re so personal to the folks who want them.  What are Emblem Rings you ask?  Coats of Arms, Heraldic Badges, Initials, Symbols, and Seals are all emblems of something special to someone.  What […] Read more »

Custom Hand Carved Signature Wedding Rings

Photo of the Signature Wedding Ring Set hand-carved by Owen Walker

Creating Custom Hand Carved Signature Wedding Rings was a new experience for us at Walker Goldsmiths.  We received an email from some sweet folks who wanted to redo their rings.  Now, what’s a Redo you might ask?  It’s a doing over of their Wedding Rings!  Sometimes when couples decide to […] Read more »

Custom Surfer Rings to Celebrate the Summer Surfing Season

Photo of two surfer rings with cabachon stones

  We’ve had fantastic weather here in the Pacific Northwest Coast of Washington state this summer, home of Walker Goldsmiths. At last count it was over 40 days with minimal precipitation and the surfers are heading to the beach in droves. Some surfers have contacted us wanting to talk about […] Read more »

Debra’s Custom Orca Memorial Ring

Photo of White Gold Surfing Orca Ring

We are splashing around here at Walker Goldsmiths with another type of  custom Surfer Ring.  We were contacted by a lovely lady who wanted to create a Memorial Ring in honor of her Grandfather who has “graduated to glory”.  He is a Makah from Neah Bay which is located on […] Read more »